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Our mission 

Our mission is to continue the rapid deployment of residential and commercial solar in Colorado by offering the best solar equipment and installation services at the lowest prices possible.


Our promise to you 

We started this company with the goal of making solar energy more accessible and affordable for every homeowner, and that’s exactly what we intend to do. Our promise is to continue providing renewable energy products and services that save you money, add value to your home, and protect our environment - all done the right way!



What makes Solar Wave different from the competition?

  • We offer the best solar equipment at the lowest prices.
  • You can request and receive a quote 100% online.
  • We have transparent pricing & financing fees.
  • We offer 25-year performance, product & labor warranties.
  • We have in-house licensed & insured installation teams.
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The Solar Wave story.

It all began with the awful realization that most solar companies prioritize profits over environmental sustainability. 

Back at the end of 2018, Solar Wave founder Steven Weaver started an online advertising agency with the primary focus to help green energy companies reach more homeowners. It didn’t take long for his agency to grow and eventually, he was serving solar companies all across the U.S. 

Although business was going well, there was a disheartening truth with most of the solar companies he was working with. Not all, but a large majority of solar companies were not in business to advance climate progress. Instead, they were profit-focused and would use questionable financing and sales tactics to sell as many solar projects as possible. 

Believing that a business can be profitable, aligned with core values, and on a mission to advance climate progress, Steven knew there was a better solar business solution. Flash forward three years and you have the birth of Solar Wave. 

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Common Questions About Solar Wave

What makes Solar Wave unique?
Solar Wave is breaking the conventional solar business model. By eliminating sales commissions and costly overhead from our business model, we can offer you solar up to 35% less than other solar companies. Read more about us by clicking here.
How does going solar with Solar Wave work?
With Solar Wave, you can receive a custom solar proposal 100% online. Our experts will help you review your proposal and select the best financing option for you. When you are ready you can sign an installation agreement with us and have a solar system installed in as little as 45 days! If you want to learn about our installation process click here.
How does Solar Wave determine the size system I need?

Multiple factors go into sizing a solar system for your home or building. It all starts with evaluating your energy needs. To do this we need a copy of your latest bill or a screenshot from your online utility account which shows your last 12 months of monthly energy consumption. Gather your usage and visit our start proposal page here to find out what size system you need. 

What does it cost to go solar with Solar Wave?

The cost to go solar will be based on your system size and the equipment you choose to include in your project. We offer flat rate solar equipment and installation pricing with transparent finance fees. To learn more head over to our pricing page by clicking here.

Are there any hidden fees to go solar with Solar Wave?

With Solar Wave, there are no hidden fees ever. We are upfront and transparent with our pricing. What you see on your proposal is what you get.