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If you already know what size solar system you need, then you will find our pricing listed below. If you don't know what size system you need let us provide you with a solar design and quote.


Standard Solar Panel Installation Costs & Incentives

System Size (KW) Price Before Incentives Eligible 30% Tax Incentive Net Cost
4 $14,000.00 $4,200.00 $9,800.00
5 $17,000.00 $5,100.00 $11,900.00
6 $19,800.00 $5,940.00 $13,860.00
7 $23,100.00 $6,930.00 $16,170.00
8 $25,600.00 $7,680.00 $17,920.00
9 $28,800.00 $8,640.00 $20,160.00
10 $31,000.00 $9,300.00 $21,700.00
11 $34,100.00 $10,230.00 $23,870.00
12 $37,200.00 $11,160.00 $26,040.00
13 $40,300.00 $12,090.00 $28,210.00
14 + **Priced Per Project ** **

*Pricing is based on a system with top tier 25 year solar panels and 25 year Enphase microinverters.

Solar Pricing Variables

Each solar project is unique and pricing can vary slightly. There are some optional upgrades and additional expenses that could affect the final price of your system. Here are just a few examples:

  • Solar panel options
  • Critter Guard 
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Roof types
  • Etc.

We can walk you through your optional system upgrades and any additional costs your project may need when you start a proposal with us.


Battery System Pricing

 Pair your solar project with a properly sized battery backup system to have power when you need it most. Solar Wave offers Enphase battery systems.   

Product Pricing
Enphase IQ8 Sunlight Backup System Priced Per Project
Enphase IQ Battery 10 kW System $15,500
Enphase IQ Battery 13 kW System $20,500
Enphase IQ Battery 20 kW System $26,000
Enphase IQ Battery 30 kW System Priced by Project
Enphase Battery Install-01-1

We Make Solar Affordable

Go Solar With $0 Out-Of-Pocket

We offer a variety of solar financing options that allow you to keep your cash in your pocket. Add equity to your home by owning your energy rather than paying your utility company. 

Unlimited Referral Rewards 

Hundreds of Colorado residents are going solar every day. Maybe you know someone who is interested. Refer them to us and receive $250 when they sign up! This is a great way to multiply your impact and increase your return. 


Colorado Incentives & Rebates

We can help Denver county residents receive Climate Action rebates for solar and battery systems. Reach out to us today to discuss your eligibility. 


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