The Pros & Cons Of Solar Energy

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When it comes to evaluating solar for your home there is a lot of conflicting information available. Most information you can find online comes from solar companies themselves which may be biased. Alternatively, you may ask your peers and some will say it's a no-brainer while others think it's a scam. One thing is certain, there are more solar systems being installed than ever before. So what makes solar a good idea? In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of solar energy so you can decide for yourself.

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1. You can save money from day one 
    • Depending on how you finance your solar panel system you will likely end up paying less as soon as your system is live and producing power. Lowering your monthly expenses is one of the great advantages of solar energy.

2. Solar makes a great investment

    • It’s no secret, that your utility company is not going to lower your electricity rates anytime soon. Solar energy is your chance to take your electricity expense and turn it into an investment. Your return on investment can be 10% or higher and you can also add equity to your home. 

3. Solar is a proven technology 

    • Solar power has been around since the late 1800s. The first solar cell capable of converting the sun’s energy into electricity to run equipment was introduced in 1954 and by 1983 worldwide solar production exceeded 21 megawatts. Today that number is over 47 gigawatts, so it's safe to say that solar is a proven technology.

4. You can increase the value of your home

    • One advantage of solar energy is that it can increase the value of your home. In 2019 the online real estate marketplace, Zillow found that homes with solar normally sell for 4.1% more than comparable homes without solar. A study by the U.S. Department of Energy also concluded that a typical solar system can add about $15,000 in value to your home.  

5. You can gain energy independence

    • If you are like most of our customers then the thought of not having control over your home’s power is the main motivator in going solar. Solar and the latest battery technology are leading the independent home power revolution. With the right system, you can be 100% energy independent so no matter what happens in this world you know your home will have power when you need it most. 

6. Solar is good for the environment

    • By choosing to go solar, you can positively impact the environment and save money. An average residential solar system can reduce carbon emissions equivalent to burning over 4,000 pounds of coal, planting 150 trees, or driving 17,000 miles every year!



1. Not all roofs are ideal for maximum solar generation 

    • It's true that solar does not work in every building. A lot of factors go into checking a roof to determine if a solar system will produce enough energy to justify the investment. The best way to determine if your roof is eligible for solar is to receive a solar proposal from Solar Wave. We use advanced 3D and sun modeling which allows us to analyze shade and sunlight values which can accurately predict your solar system's future production and value. 

2. Some would say solar panels are not aesthetically pleasing

    • This was certainly true with the now outdated silver frame blue solar panels that stand out on most residential roofs. Today solar panels are designed to be much more aesthetically pleasing. All of our solar panels are black frames and black faces providing a modern sleek look. Still, some would say they don’t want to see panels on their roof and we totally understand. Our response: Saving money is a good look. 

3. DIY solar installation is difficult 

    • We understand that a lot of homeowners like to save money on most major home renovations by doing the work themselves. For advanced DIYers installing a solar panel system may be possible however most installations are completed by a professional for a number of reasons. A professional installer will know local permitting rules and have the electrical licenses required to properly wire in your system. Choosing to work with an expert turns a complex process into a very simple and enjoyable process for you.  

4. Greedy sales reps plague the industry 

    • The solar energy industry has long been plagued by greedy sales reps. Most solar sales representatives out there are paid on 100% commissions meaning they will stop at nothing to close a deal. This has led to aggressive advertising and deceptive sales practices. Never be pressured into making a decision on solar by a sales rep. We have eliminated this problem here at Solar Wave by cutting sales reps and commissions from our business model. We believe by providing access to genuine solar information and offering transparent pricing, homeowners like you will feel the difference and want to do business with us.


If you have not received a solar proposal from us yet, click here to start your proposal today. If you already have a proposal from us and you would like to discuss the pros and cons of solar energy further with a solar expert click here. 

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